Core Edge Charisma Online Education

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A fast paced, mobile society has made it easier for you to gain the requisite education to become a more effective professional or businessperson. This website offers you the opportunity to participate and learn among your peers wherever you are in the world.

What is a Core Edge Charisma teleseminar?
A Core Edge Charisma teleseminar is a seminar conducted by telephone conference call.  It is like going to a seminar without leaving your home or office. We have regular, one-hour teleseminars, on topics about Charisma and Charismatic leadership development.

Typically, what time of day do you offer teleseminars?
The date and time is selected by the times participants have reported as being most convenient for their schedule. Usually 7PM (EST) on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Can I ask questions during a teleseminar?
Our services are interactive and we encourage dialogue among participants. In fact, our guest experts intentionally create a forum where questions are encouraged.

How do I access a teleseminar?
Once you enroll by selecting the teleseminar of choice, you will be emailed a package that will include the conference call-in number and other instructions on how to access the call. All you do is dial the telephone number provided and enter the access code and you are on the call.

How much does it cost to enroll?
Currently, Core Edge Charisma Tele-seminars are $69.95 for 90 minutes per person.

If I’m interested in a current or future tele-seminar, what do I do?

Simply click on the title of the teleseminar you want to attend and follow the instructions.

I am not available at that time. Will you repeat it?

The topics will often be repeated throughout the year. If for some reason, you needed the information immediately, you could enroll in Core Edge’s Tele-Coaching program. Core Edge’s Tele-Coaching program is tailored to individuals who want programming around their schedule.

Thank you for your interest.

 Cancellation Policy:
Due to the necessary preparation, no refunds are available if you cancel within 5 days before the scheduled tele-seminar.